Fieldwork ✳ Week 3 : Sara St Clair

My first entry is from our first studio day. I went into the day very sure of my idea and ready to get started. After a productive conversation with Chris Sauter, I was back to the drawing board. So I went back to ideating to figure out the kernel of my piece. 

My second journal entry was a continuation of my ideation. After the first day, I needed to let the idea rest, but I came back to it the next day and soon came up with my final idea by combining many of the material ideas I came up with while ideating. 

Fieldwork ✳ Week 2 : Aidan Welby

notes taken on our “rest day” at the hot spring. Lots of imagery from sketches and a photo.

last day of adobe and first half of day 1 in the van, drawing the landscape, and considering what is Americana

second half of day 1 and day 2 in the van. Highlighted ideas and quotes, thought about the relationship between form and function regarding the West (specifically a lasso) and some can doodles and sketches including a road”map”.

Fieldwork ✳ Week 2 : Sara St Clair

My first two spreads are solely focusing on my final project idea. I had a moment of inspiration which was tied together by Ron’s adobe workshop.  My third journal entry that I selected is focusing on themes that were standing out to me on the first and second day of the western excursion; the background and foreground of the changing landscape and the pop-out visuals seen on signs. This entry finishes up with an idea that I had for a sign.