Our discussion in the van today was a great segway from the morning at Mitch’s studio and into tonight’s event. I was able to extract from the van conversation that interpersonal skills can be used in public artist practice. When we went to Paula and Mike’s studio, I could see the cultivation of group ideas just from being in the studio space and hearing about the residencies that happened there. Mike was so generous to share his works and Paula was giving with information of her practice as well as about the residency work that they do in their beautiful space. Just being around artists with genuinely good and generous personalities is very refreshing, as I did not feel like I was being judged or competing with other artists today. It was inspiring to not have that pressure weighing down on me. I was so thankful to be able to do glasswork with Mike, then to talk about Arabian horses with a woman at Paula and Mike’s potluck. I was re-energized after tonight. 

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