At 1,400' above sea level I can move swiftly. I've grown accustomed to ten times that elevation. In search of a glimpse into the past I set off into Tall Grass Prairie Preserve hoping to see the bison. They were quickly encountered once I was on their broad pasture. I found myself intrigued by the herd's flow, how they meander as a group up, down, and around the grassy terrain. Moving parallel to them, nearly ten dozen strong, I could grasp the scale and energy of the herd as the ground shook from their steps. I followed them for roughly two miles. At a small lake not a human structure could be seen as the bison crossed the valley and charged up the next hill. Briefly I felt I had been transported back in time, witness to a glimpse of the Plains before Anglo settlement tore up the sod for wheat and replaced the bison with cattle.