I’ve been most impressed by this linear quality of the west. Maybe this is because I’m a traveler and my path, in moving through, rather than casting roots is linear. The telephone poles and their looping lines remain a constant as we drive, the dirt roads and landscape that seems to stretch forever or until running up against the mountains, the tire tracks traced into the earth were vehicles have veered from the road, the blue sky that seems so wide and broad set into this flat landscape.

However there are also circles here, Roberta, who owns the feed store is married to Eddie, the cowboy who ground down the cattle’s hooves. Eddie knows the pharmacist who sat next to me at dinner. And the pharmacist told us a story of how he was looking for some information about his grandfather, a doctor, who happened to deliver the lady at the information desk who he was inquiring about his grandfather to. There are deep rooted circles in the social fabric at Byers tying its community together. It was a pleasure to tap in to that fabric.