Day 3: Santa Fe, NM -> Very Large Array (VLA), NM -> Pie Town, NM -> Gallop, NM

For years and years, people have tried their best to create the communication between us and unknown, and also tried to get the answer about everything in this world. Before the definition of “science” came out, people held their belief as religion for explaining “what is happening around the world”, and our ancestors worshiped the Gods in different religions to seek the answer to something overwhelmed their knowledge limits. In the late 15th Century, the Renaissance in Europe started the emergence of “science”, people used different some experimental and practical truths to spread the knowledge, and also challenging the “wrong” definitions given by the religions. Nowadays, we have huge antennas built on the ground for receiving signals from outer space, we have satellites doing different and various jobs for scientific researches and observations, but still, there are some of those answers are not to be found in these days, and religion is still the best explanation.

People have no limitation in desire, but the limitation of availability controls the ways we think of problems and explanation. Even though we have an astrological site as advance and useful as VLA, our knowledge to the solar system is just a little bit, and I would not even have to mention our knowledge to the Milky River Galaxy and the whole universe. Our curiosity encourages us to develop the technology, but we just cannot stop thinking about our world and make something better to surpass the older.

What a meaningful lesson for today.