Throughout this three week journey we have seen: snow and sun, desert and big sky, curators and artists, small towns and volunteer-run libraries, abandoned signs and leftover fences, foamy beers and smokey whiskey, The Feed Store and feed stores, bunk beds and air mattresses, kiln-dried logs and rough-sawn boards, table saws and draw knives, records and CDs, graffiti and wild asparagus, open pit barbecue and New Mexican burritos, hand-painted signs and roadside attractions, old churches and updated art schools, The Breaking Ring and A Very Long Line, red chile and green chile, sweat lodges and Enlighten Us, two monstrous machines and a Very Large Array, pies and ice cream, secretly hidden Land Art and very public sculptures, Western-themed motels and Days Inn, Glen Canyon Dam and the flow of the Colorado River, yarn and friendship bracelets, murals and maps, a Coney Island hot dog stand and an award ceremony, MacGillivray's Warbler, Cassin's Finch, and as seen in this photograph, a very rare dashboard sighting of a Graduating Rubber Duck. Thanks for all the sights, challenges, conversations, and memories as we finish out The Field School!