After yesterday's discussion I was wondering if the detailed scenery description could be immersive with the aid of pictures and audio materials. I am very interested about the idea of this kind of experience, but I don’t know how to start this. As for today’s exploration, I would try to do the best to comprehend the way to make this happen.

The hiking was really interesting but tried in the end, since my physiological energy could not catch up the long-distance hiking on a muddy and snowy (or icy somehow) track. And the final destination supposed to be the Rainbow Lakes at the end of trailhead, but we did not achieve the goal by 3-feet snow on the trail. But what I got from this hiking was really astonishing, especially the scenery at the altitude over tree line.

As we ascended to the top part of Rainbow Lake trail, there was a turn that extended to the descending slope with fewer muds and snow. Additionally, there were fewer trees, and the sound of birds was relatively less than the area near MRS. The only sound I could hear at that moment was the sound of waving pine tree branches and leaves by the wind. At the end of the turn, the extension of pine forest was paused, and a little gap was created in between the forest. Looking through the “frame” created by trees, an enormous mountain covered by snow was located in the center of the “frame” to show her beauty and majesty. The nearly-perfect triangular outline of mountain was enhanced by white snow covered on the ridge, and the huge clouds behind the peak created some sorts of majesty and celestial features and feelings to the mountain itself. The wind was still blowing towards me, making me felt like it was blown from that mountain. Was her forcing me to keep away from her? I did not know.