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“孝守幸天竺及灵隐,有僧辉相随。见飞来峰,问辉曰:‘既是飞来,如何不飞去?’对曰:‘一动不如一静。’” ——《贵耳集》

“During Southern Song period, the Emperor Xiaozong went to Hangzhou to see the scenery of nature at once. When he reached the West Lake, one of his companion monks, Hui, talked about the story of Mount Feilai (means “Be flown”) had been recognized by Indian monks as the divine Buddhism land Mount Rajgir in India. The Emperor asked Hui, ‘Why the mountain has flown to here at once, but it will not fly away again?’ The monk answered, ‘Why keeping everything moving is better than keeping everything settled?’” ——*The Gui’erji*