There are five horses in the farm.

A brown male horse is placed at the right side of the fence with one white female horse.

A deep orange male horse is placed at the left side of the fence with one black female horse and one brown female horse.

The fence, of course, is the clear boundary line between two different private properties.

But in horses’ eyes, it is not a fence.

The brown male horse and white female horse have a large area of farm but filled with lots of junks and abandoned agriculture machines.

The other three horses, however, have a really good grass quality but literally nothing in the farm.

Usually, the brown male and white female horse take a run around the large farm for some explorations, but sometimes stretch their necks across the fence to good grass.

As for those three horses, they like to eat good grass, but really want to explore the other side of fence.

They are living in the same world, and they are living in a parallel world. Now, they see another themselves through the fence.