Wind breeze gust breath expands contracts approaches retreats Just passing through. Where is it going? Does it know something I don’t? Where was it born?

Metal pings creaks expands glints pops rustles blinds Shakes in tune with the wind, announcing itself.

Roads spiderweb radial split define sculpt transit It hoards all the mud.

Trees swaying creaking from deep within Vertically they deny their own horizontal shadows.

Water trickles retreats seeking lower ways - it doesn’t go empty-handed Has water ever flowed uphill? Why would it ever want to.

Snow drifts aimless occasional seasonal The snow quiets the quieting snow.

Sun a visceral presence its warmth conferred A partner to the cooling breeze.

Birds chipping chirping like a rusty door Heard, not seen.

Mountains pushed up upthrust defines its edge against the sky Seeking the past of least resistance.

Camp perched tenuous transitory transit purpose It wears a coat of permanence. Busy people little seen.