Anthology-  K-18 Café:

Limping in tired and hungry I sit in the corner booth. Though it is hardly 8:00 there are already nearly a dozen local farmers eating their breakfast. All eyes are on me as I enter. I'm not from around here. Out of habit I am greeted by several of them in a kind, but suspicious tone. The waitress is young and very friendly. As I slowly consume my heap of hot brown I listen to the voices around me-- talk of crops, local hearsay, marital wellbeing, the dam breaking. There are no women dining in this room. This is a time for the men in town to brief each other before the day's duties. Their center is Lucas. The daily happenings here matter more tenfold over any national, or even regional, dramas. Their worldview, like that of most people, is radial and the further out from this center a matter is, the less relevant it is to everyday life. Though in the periphery of any national narrative, here in this café I find myself in the center of it all.