I still remember the moment when I pressed down the shutter at Last Chance, CO. The sky was really clear, but a huge storm cloud blocked the way I could see the sunset. On the way to Last Chance, Daniel told me to turn around to see the storm cloud. I made a joke about “we cannot take any good pictures about the sunset in Last Chance”, but what it turned out was still astonishing and amazing. Thank you my little camera for recording such beautiful and wonderful moment.

People have spent thousands of years in creating the relationship to the nature, to the environments, and to the sites we lived in. In the Paleolithic Period, our ancestors had to travel from one place to another to gather foods and resources for living: they knew when to move and where to move at certain time of year, or they could not survive during harsh and crude environments. At the same time, people started to awe and worshiped the power of nature, and this is the reason how ancient religions started with. Nowadays, people already have some sort of ability to alternate the environments, or even control the environments to do something for us. We do not have to worry about the situation our ancestors had been faced, but our worship and appreciation to the nature has not changed. Building something for the nature is not an innovative thought for sure, but the way to build it really challenges our understanding to the nature.

In Last Chance, just like the name of place, we have the opportunity to make a stop by the country road to look at a monument built for celebrating the amazement of nature, or the last chance to see it will be gone. There are always sunrise and sunset in everyday, but if we change these normal events into a more ceremonial thing, our life can be much more interesting and fulfilled.

M12 Potluck tomorrow. Happy eating and enjoy the night.