5 /17

I remember entering that age, emerging from that self-central world of youth, extending, reaching out toward others. I asked my dad how to talk to people. He told me to ask question. Like most of my father’s advice, it's held up over the years: not only are questions good sparks to start conversation, they’re also great ways of learning.

However, as the years go by, I’m filling up with experiences and stories. I find myself wanting to take more ground in conversations, taking less time to question, less time to listen. In collaborating on these tables I’m reminded once again of my father’s words as well as that deep listening activity that encouraged us to be ‘fully present,’ and ‘let go of our inner clamoring.’ I’m reminded to slow down, to listen, to communicate, to respect others’ solutions and opinions. No matter how many times I collaborate I’m taught this lesson again and again and again.

Deep listening brings me to an opened mentality that not only helps me be a more observant artist, but a better, kinder more stable person, as well.