Day 6: Keyante, AZ -> Telluride, CO

“Here meet, in freedom, under God, four states.” And thanks God, this $5 per person monument is only worthy to see at once, and for the rest, just a $5 entrée fee per person for some Native American handcrafts and jewelry markets which will cost more, and these handcrafts could be found in any roadside Native American merchants. If that is the review for Four Corner Monument located in New Mexico, this is it, and harsher reviews are on Google Views.

The problem about this monuments is not about the $5 per person entrée, or the location of geographical center where four states meet is wrong, is about the lack of experience be able to get from the site, and the potential value of this site under poor management. It’s good to have something like Four Corner being a tourist attraction, but people want to experience more about the history of this site, and the different views you can get from different states. Unfortunately, apart from the introductions about four states, the historical context of Four Corner Monument is never shown in there, and the view inside the plaza of monument is surrounded merchant houses that perfectly block the view to see natural sceneries. Something is needed to change by the group who manage this national treasure.