The group left the lodge where we’re staying; we were heading to Rainbow Lake, which supposedly it was 3.5 miles away. It was around 10 AM. We needed to be back to the lodge by 1pm. We started walking and had to go downhill first so we could get to the road that would take us to the lake. It mas muddy. The snow that was accumulated has been melting and since the roads are not paved, it gets pretty muddy. While we were walking we could hear birds, and the water going down the road. Once we reached the road that goes to the river, the hike started to go uphill. That road was also very muddy and once in a while it was completely covered in snow. We stopped two or three times to drink some water and catch our breaths. After several hours, we realized we had to return. A couple of us wanted to continue. I wanted to continue because I was hoping I could get to take pictures of the lake. So we did.

Not too long after, the muddy road was again cover in several feet of snow so it seemed like we would have to go back. One option we thought would be to go up the hill, but it was too sloped and it was also covered in snow. There was a trail of footprints on the snow so I decided to follow it. At the beginning was fine, I was following the footprints trail and that had compacted some the snow, but I started to sink in since, I was carrying a lot of equipment.

After getting stuck several times I figured I’d rather go back, the number of footprints had diminished and there was only a single trail. The reality was that I didn’t want to go back, and seeing the footprints motivated me.

After getting stuck several more times, I got to the camping site, but the trail to the river was completely cover with snow, so… I couldn’t get the pictures I wanted. But, I’m glad I didn’t give up.