My eyes are heavy from the day, but it was a day well spent. So much information on water and land rights and thoughts sit heavy on my mind. The reading on the injustices and depletion of water was upsetting and led to many conversations of the end of the world, whether it be bioterrorism, fault lines, or the ring of fire. What was so interesting to me was the story that Erin told us today about the trespassing laws when invading Native American property is subject to punishment of the federal tribal laws which can be as severe as federal prison. An interesting point that was brought up from that was that all the land is indigenous, so what makes it trespassing on Native land? Another moment that really helped me in my life was the time spent with two horses in Cerillos. I was so calm, and that was my thinking place. This moment of connection was even more powerful than the nature walk that we did, where there were sirens and noises that infiltrated my psyche. I need to be with the animals. That is what is missing.