“Every time we enter a new place, we become one of the ingredients of an existing hybridity, which is really what all ‘local places’ consist of.”

From an estate auction to take place near Byers, CO on Saturday, May 14, 2016: COLLECTIBLES: Several Hunting Knives & Other Knife Collections; 12-Pc Indian Collector Plates; Animal Figurines; Liquor Decanters; Lg Bear Trap; Seeder/Spreader; Misc Sport Fish Mounts; Animal Mounts (Moose, Caribou, Red Fox, Raccoon, Pheasants, Goose, Duck, Rooster, Misc Birds) Old West Belt Buckle Collection; Eagle statue; Coyote & Badger Rugs; Bleached Buffalo Skull; Antler Sets; Weathered Skulls & Antlers; Stationary Engine; (2) Fire Hydrants (yard art); Lg Dinner Bell on tall stand.