Today was the most fulfilled and excited I have been about living in a

while. It has been so long since I have actually been put in a situation where I felt that I had to do what had to be done and that that was the only thing to do, and it was incredibly enjoyable. More and more, and especially by experiences such as today’s, do I become turned off by the idea of Art and the Art world. The experience of working hands-on, and making and learning, is far more enjoyable to me than Art (with a capital “A”). The more I actually experience and become involved in life, the more the Art world seems to be a horrifying separation from life. I feel that it is a drab, dry, grey, coldly intellectual approach to life. It steps back, puts on a suit and tie (or a trench coat if you are an art historian, God forbid), and tries to examine life and those who live it, with the idea that it is actually doing something or going somewhere. Art is much ado about nothing. Once one realizes that, they understand the triviality of the pursuit, drop it, and live. Only then does one truly become an artist (with a lowercase “a), and not seem but be the beauty of life.