I'm not sure where to begin with this. It was hung on a bulletin outside of the Navajo Trading Post in Tuba City. A missing persons poster from December 31st. Today it is May 27th. At the top of the poster in sharpie "He dead" is haphazardly scrawled over the word "Missing." The people I was with laughed nervously when they saw this while I felt a pit grow in my stomach. I am still overwhelmed by the content. The folded, worn, dirty edges of the paper. The cut out blue photos. I've yet to find words. I mostly wonder who wrote the sharpie letters. An apathetic onlooker making a snide remark? Or, a dismissive family member who have found themselves with no other explanation? The latter is a familiar gesture. Losing a person leaves you with no language. Whatever words you chose to use to describe it could never encompass what you actually feel. "He dead" is just as empty as any other phrase. [image: Inline image 1]