In Buyers, Co, besides the working space at the Feed Store/M12 Studio there was a field down the road where we were allowed to work. This field is owned by somebody in town but we are allow to work there.

When we went to see this site, there were some horses there and we were told to be careful and not to let them go out while we come in. The instructions were simple. Unfortunately for us, the horses were faster than we thought. On this Sunday afternoon while we were trying to come in the filed, the white horse got out.

Mike went running to the house next to field and a lady came out. He explained the situation and she went back in to call the owner of the horse. She came right out with a bucket of hay, or horse food. She walked to where the horse was. She was able to hold it there, distracting it with the food until the owner got there and put it back in the field.