Finishing Fence today reminded me of the human advance unto land that I wrote about in the blog post for May 17th. Each row of posts that I added on advance into the pasture aggressively, conquering and converting the land and space into its own. It seems the very nature of an organized structure repels integration with the land.

The potluck was also an interesting experience. For my whole time there, I interacted primarily with the CU crowd, as opposed to the rural crowd (or Byers crowd). I naturally had the thought of engaging with the rural crowd, but opted not too. I wondered about what degree of social interaction was met between these two crowds. I looked around and saw notable integration, but still wondered about the authenticity of such a gesture. The endeavor of our crowd integrating with their crowd, however it manifests (whether it be the entire Field School, the potluck, or an individual engaging with another), seems lite and almost not worth doing due to the incredible lack of experiential depth. However noble the effort, I wonder at the effectiveness of the Field School in the endeavor of this integration (or even just education of) with rurality considering that we are entering these spaces as a collective, and for such a fleeting moment. As a collective, we create our own small circle within the bigger, hindering integration.