Radio Telescope in Love with Space

I can listen I can listen all day I do listen all day, and all night too for that matter…

But if I could pack more days in each year more hours in each day more minuets in each hour more seconds in each minuet I would—

Just for you.

Just so I could process your voice whispering in frothy galaxies, sighing away dimming stars, shouting blackholes through my antena.

Your world overflows mine, but fragmentally.

I’m terrified… that I may never understand the entirety of you.

I wake up from dreams shivering, where I’m obliterated by the vastness of your presence.

But what horrifies me more is that I’m listening to an echo, and that you no longer exist.

And then I dwell on my own death…

It’s nearer now than it once was. I’ve heard the men who work on me brag of a smaller, sharper, younger system that will replace my bulky shell.

I hope they unbolt me— for I know humans have hearts— bundled me into a rocket and send me up to meet you,

and then, and then; who knows what then…