Unidentified growth, located near on CU Boulder Mountain Research Stations Campus.

Documented in May 11, 2016

Several specimens were found alongside the dirt road. Close proximity to flowing water seems to be unessential. Sprouts were found in patches of raw and overturned earth, without any other plant life within at least 1.5 feet Stalks range from 4 to 5 inches in height and are approximately 1/32 inch in diameter. Each stalk seems to be roughly cylindrical. Due to their apparent similarities to other local Flora, and their distinctive coloration they have been assigned the tentative label Bromus Lathinus.

Researchers residing at the MRS campus are advised to monitor the growth of these specimens, and document any apparent budding or spread of the species, as well as the condition of the flora and fauna around them, to determine if this species might prove detrimental to the local ecosystem.