I was thinking a lot about ruins today. Starting off the day we drove by, stopped and walked among ruins of the city Abo in southern New Mexico. It was a moment of how architecture can describe the past. The memory of structure and landscape. Now seemingly dispersed mounds are all that’s left of a once economic trade center between indigenous Pueblo and Spanish settlers. Ironically the structure most intact to memorialize this relationship is a large church, once the city center. Displacement quickly comes to mind. The displacement of indigenous lives and histories. On the flip side of this we visited the town of Carriezozo. We experienced another type of ruin. The purchasing, remodeling, and re-functioning of a building down town into a theater, artist studio, and working shop. The church and artist studio seem distanced and close at the same time. Recalls the question of the perspective of ruins and what they come to symbolize, how they culturally function describe time? How do they speak for the past, present and future? And how do we inhabit the spaces of the past- as living or dead?

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