He was not an abstract nor a hermit…he was both, nor and is, and our nature while also self-created by definition, is the nature of inbalance and non-interest, a nature of what should be – words without action – no Marlboro road…a flow of spurts without recognition of those senses beyond the first five.

Reality? We are all each other and ourselves and dancing to the same music heard differently and using the same steps but seeing each other’s as not our own but it is ours and mine and yours at the same time.

being not is still being as being being is still not and visa versa

This record is good music and not, depending upon what one hears – but remember inside and outside and balance which is not balanced at the same time…remember forgetting…remember inside outside in…Walden is here and so is it not…and do not define good music or good or music without defining definition which has all those positive/negative connotation/illusions as life…as death…as…WALDEN

- Robert Glassenberg
Campus Editor, Billboard Magazine

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