Today was Saturday. Conversations in the car about land use, the function of preservation, right interaction with the landscape. Knowing the history of a place helps one to respect its significance. But there is also a practice of constant respect and admiration, for which the knowledge only distracts. Faith mentions that the restriction of land is a kind of total preservation. My thought is that public lands is not the best use. the public cannot actually use this land, only regard it as a spectacle. Perpetuates the fetishization of landscape, the appropriation of beauty. If preservation is in mind, best use is restriction. 

We get to Elephant Butte, and there is a giant man-made reservoir. A long drive to get to the actual beach. The car is stuck so walking. The shore before us is filled by RVs. You can drive right up to the water here. I do not see our people so I continue left for a mile. As I go, I see the RVs increasing in size, scale. They take on awnings, grills, floaties, boats, sister colonies. I see four military trucks. The colonies condense, squeezing out any space, a wall around the lake extending as far as my eye can see. I find a small clear space and I eat and swim.