What is a contemplative space? Is it a place to breathe deeply, listen deeply, feel deeply, sense deeply? These deep breaths create a sensation of uplifting, weightlessness. The body is listening as much as the ears, the skin seeing like eyes. The sweat lodge. Seven hot stones, lava rocks hold the heat. Cedar is placed on top of the rocks, begining to smoke and filling the air with a sweet smelling, heavy air. A song is sung, a prayer is said, sweat dripping down the bridge of my nose and down my back. Each breath is hot, almost suffocating. I can taste the salt on my lips as it drips into my mouth. The reverberation of the songs fill the body, using it as a resonator. Vibrations creating a tactile hearing experience. Then there was the feeling of the thick, heavy, sweat lolling off my body, accumulating and releasing. Releasing toxins, frustrations, etc. Euphoric, really.