Today was a long day full of many adventures. We hiked the sand dunes, saw a missile museum, saw a boarder control museum, saw the actual border and a bit of El Paso, checked into a fight hanger of an Air B&B, went to a sweat lodge, and finally had a little bbq ‘n pool party. Seeing the boarder control museum had a really large impact on me because of the insensitive way that they present themselves as a force that keeps all the bad people out. A lot of the language seemed to not be conscious of any larger context beyond the idea that that they were there specifically to keep people out. To experience all of this in a place that was very real was quite difficult because you are confronted by the reality that a place like this can really exist and has a place in the world. However, I went into the sweat for a last round which was very needed after the day I had. 

The sand dunes produced these amazing patterns which I captured on my phone and here is a composition where I layered and blended the same picture on top of itself with different effects on each layer.