HOLY SHIT today was net fantastic. I say net because I was feeling generally ill and low energy throughout the van time and ruins, and I don’t think I was really able to appreciate them given the heat and my general lack of bodily comfort. BUT the van delay this morning was really a ~blessing in disguise~ since it allowed time for a few of us to get a glass bead tutorial from Mitch, which was super exciting (I’m already planning how to save up to get my own equipment, I could easily see myself getting lost in late night glass experimentation the way Mitch does). I talked to Mitch about coming back next week after school ends to get a longer glass-working lesson, and my travel partners permitting I think it will happen.

Then, there was the absolutely awesome experience that was MoMaZozo. Aside from Paula and Mike’s inspiring work in itself (especially, for me, Paula’s work with wearable paintings and costuming and performance), AND their space and the town having so much kinetic and potential energy (respectively), the interactions with community members were really special.  My most impactful interaction of the potluck, at least in terms of immediate emotional connection, was my discussion with Diane about her project to create the first ever public library in the town (I look forward to one day returning to Carrizozo, getting a library card after it opens “sometime after Halloween but before Thanksgiving,” and maybe getting to participate in their storytime hours for pre-k kids).

We also had really fruitful conversation with Matt in the van afterwards, which I’ll hold off from discussing here in the hope that the conversation will develop further in the days to come.