We've had many discussions over the last 24 hours about ways an artist can navigate the world post-university. I personally feel more energized than before about finding alternative pathways as an artist in the world outside of institutions. Our visit to MoMAZozo reinforced the need for community engagement in these spaces- to make artist run spaces open an available to people who have no background or special education in the arts, and proved what a fruitful and beautiful experience that can be. It also reinforces all the reservations I have about institutions- their limitations, competitiveness, exclusiveness, etc., and proves that rural spaces, or even underserved urban spaces, could greatly benefit from more resources devoted to the arts, and that there are real benefits to a robust art scene in these spaces, benefits that extend far beyond the traditional capitalist understanding of value. As we have unequivocally seen, the devaluation of rural and underserved communities in favor of denser, more urban and wealthy communities leads to resentment and division that has catastrophic political implications. I believe strongly that creating alternative communities and networks throughout these spaces can lead to a shift in social relations that will in turn lead to a politics that benefits everyone, and I am more and more convinced that this is what I want to devote my energy to once I've graduated. By building in this type of community engagement into my practice, which, coming into field school was utterly lacking and my work was worse for it, is going to be essential for my development as an artist moving forward.