I think about abstraction a lot- not just strategies of aesthetic abstraction within my own art practice but as a condition of our lives. I was thinking about this a lot during our conversation about water rights tonight, the fact that they are based on a system of determining rights rather than an actual amount of water that exists materially. This kind of abstraction feeds into the conditions of underserved communities in ways I'm just beginning to understand. On the subject of underserved communities: we had a very interesting conversation today about this fact, and about density as a factor that drives resource development and distribution. Evidentally, only about 2--3% of arts funding goes to rural communities, and about an equal amount goes to local urban arts that are not connected with institutions. One question I want to answer is how to correct this. How to redistribute resources to these rural spaces, whether arts funding or water or infrastructure, and how to respect the idea that these communities deserve the same resources and anyone in a major city.