First of all, Faith pronounced “misery loves company” as “Missouri loves company” today and I loved that and I had to share

Earlier today, in the van, we were discussing the question of how to balance the development necessary for a shift to renewable energy with the important histories and structure of the landscape. While I understand why the question was being asked, it pissed me off nevertheless because the landscape has already been so constructed and damaged by the forces of ~dirty energy~ and every second we spend waffling on this kind of question we are doing more serious damage that too needs to be grappled with. It is similar to the issue of people saying a switch to renewable energy is “too expensive” which is NONSENSE because, again, the existing crisis perpetuates a system way, way more costly for the masses/everyone than any of these investments (part of the issue is a failure to consider the cost of things like public health in the “cheapness” or “efficiency” of an energy system...  not to even get started talking about cost in terms of non-financial capital...)

This line of thought tied in well to many parts of the discussion tonight... I will dwell on this idea of the marker of “civilization”/“success” being excess of what the local land can support

On a separate note, I’ve included a photo of my four cardinal direction rocks from earlier today (I think I’ve already lost the black rock pictured, I was holding it in the palm of my hand for hours because it felt lovely and had great energy, and I put it in my pocket briefly and LOST IT, and I’ve been pretty sad about it ever since) because not only is it a reminder of an interaction with a stranger from the day, but I realized afterwards that I’ve seen this exact color-quadrant breakdown in native jewelry from the southwest before, and I had never stopped to inquire about the meaning. You learn somethin knew everyday, how bout dat!?