OK. So today we drove. I took the train then the bus to get to boulder very early this morning and I thought about going to New York City in a couple weeks and the kind of potency of sudden urban experience getting back and wanting to be away again where it is quiet. In the car we talked with Matt Fluharty about the article we read aloud, shifting politics and demographics. It was interesting the replacement of the rural population, by labor and larger movements, the retiring baby boomers. It is interesting that the difference in perspective is total, going from ethics and values and wants to truth itself, as we don’t mix with the actual object of truth but rather our experience. And this is how discourse will happen. 

We come to Las Vegas and go around. It is nice here. Many antique shops as in Walsenburg. Antique shops mean that people have left who were there a long time. Many antique shops give the message that all that remains is that many have left. It all left. 

We come to Las Vegas. I sit at the gazebo a while. Before this we were at the light sanctuary which was nice. Very beautiful and bright. The air was stuffy though. A bathroom and an exit sign. Make it real. 

In Las Vegas I left the gazebo and walked down the Main Street and found a small metal house with a metal table and two metal chairs and I put a photo of this here. While sitting here a while a man comes to chat and sees I am OK. He is Red Tail Tommy. He is a fallen angel. He is kind. That is all he needs, I tell him. Life is hard, he says once. A duck hunter shot him. A friend kicked his teeth out one night. I thanked him at the end.