After a day of traveling with beautiful stops, I found myself mostly taken by the landscape and occupied most of the drive time withlooking out the window pondering interspersed with moments of reading. Listening to lectures tonight I was again considering the idea of utopia and its relation to the rural, or constructs of the rural. I was trying to make sense of THE or A relationship between the idea of displacement and utopia (which admittedly may not make sense) considering Black Mountain College of Art. These two ideas, displacement and utopia, seem to have a track record of proximity to one another. It seems to be about the displacement of art as a centralized ideology surrounding the gallery space, and the removal of art from this context as a somewhat utopic endeavor. My interest in this may not run incredibly deep but it does get me considering tradition and how tradition may be looked at with reverence or irreverence in school like BMC or that challenges the space of an artistic practice. How is tradition part of a rural art practice? How does the tradition of a craft, place, or culture get overlooked in the context of contemporary art? How does tradition disseminate information, and what kind of information?

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