I had a lot of reflection today, as several great conversations were had, not only between the humans, but also between human and space. When were at the light sanctuary, the density of the air in the room was heavy, despite the bright and heavenly light shining through. I was pensive upon entering, but my mood shifted toward the end as I remembered that I was human and felt so present that I became uncomfortable and had to leave the room. It was so nice to listen to the artists tonight and pick out pieces of information that applied to my practice and my plans for the summer. One of which was Matthews presentation on "Switch," which made me really want to jump back into volunteering with horses as a form of helping my art. I began to think about the idea of empathy and how humans experience the emotion with nature and animals. My perpetual feelings of empathy lead me to exhaustion, and I would like to explore the human experience of empathy and anxiety more in my practice.