Today I took a break from focusing on my piece, and trecked back down the railroad tracks to grab something I hadn't been able to stop thinking about. I found it by the section of the bridge holding up the railroad that had been scorched by fire. Essentially, it is a chunk of charcoal with a metal rod embedded within. It appeared to have fallen from the structure during the destruction; cut from it by fire alone, metal rod and all. I found this so fascinating. I feel that humans give ourselves too much credit in creating; forgetting that nature and the elements can do and make just as well, and often more magnificently, as we can. The fire itself is intriguing as well, for the cause is still unknown, but the 2013 fire shut down the railroad for nearly five days. This roadway is the main line between Denver and Kansas City and has about ten trains frequent it per day. I sure hope that chunk of coal isn't crucial for the structural integrity.