In a desperate hunt for sand, I ended up walking down some train tracks that ended up by a creek. On this simple excursion, I experienced some pretty neat things. First I found this weird object by the tracks, and I still can't find out what it is. It looks like it went though some magnificent chemical reaction. I also got to watch some tadpoles in the creek. I totally forgot about tadpoles; they were one of those random things we learned about every year in school as kids, like it was vital information. The railroad tracks themselves turned into a bridge over this creek, meaning I could explore the architecture of this imposing and grand complex. What I found wasn't so pretty though: a lot of racist graffiti and signs of a bad fire on all the legs. It was disheartening. My fascination and admiration for trains runs pretty deep, and to find such devastation and negativity tattooed into the structure, was disappointing.