While rummaging through a cluttered thrift store in Strasburg, CO, I found this baby pink vintage dress made by 'Nostalgia'. Considering that nostalgia is the inspiration to my project, I found the detail comical. This human habit of mourning and thirsting for the past is one that both plagues and fascinates me. When I was in middle and high school, I was a borderline hoarder. I would save objects from movie tickets and photo booth strips to small toys I found on the ground and old letters. My bedroom walls were undetectable by the time I was in the 10th grade and my closet full of miscellaneous objects that couldn't make it to the wall. Once I left for college, my old room became this memorial of the emotionally inept emo kid I once was. It was deeply unsettling. Now I am attempting to mourn these objects for good by putting them to use in a mosaic of a millennial's past.