My favorite part of driving through these vast, flat plains, is seeing the rare freckles of decomposing structures. These abandoned and crumbling buildings, standing and dying alone, have so much potential. Who owned it? What was it used for? Why is it abandoned? Why is it still here? These piles of rotting wood tend to send me on mini existential crises about how many different lives have been lived. That this humble rubble was once how some strong and enduring people survived. So many questions arise from these sites that can never be answered; that's a pretty exciting feeling. The Oklahoma Historical Society's article, 'Folk Architecture', discusses how these structures tend to be utilitarian and conservative. How folk architecture, 'represents a community's cumulative wisdom about solutions to a particular problem'. These observations can be seen countless times on these long, rural drives. Through creative repairs and ingenious design, we get a little glimpse into our collective past.