I have been thinking about the depth at which we are experiencing the places we visit. I understand why we do not have a lot of time in each place, and I am so grateful to be able to see and experience so many different rural environments. That being said, it can sometimes feel like we are just scratching the surface of each place. There have been a few moments where it feels like we make cracks in the surface.  Seeing Chester’s irrigation system in the San Luis valley, talking to Erika in Lucas, talking to Cano, and brunch at the Saddle Rock café have felt like this.  However, only a couple of times has it felt like we have been able to break the surface and experience a place in a deeper way.  Being invited to Dylan’s home, listening to records, and hearing him play live was such an intimate and amazing experience. It felt a little bit like the evening we spent in Ron’s home in Antonito. I think living in a region and engaging in its community might be the best way to deep map a place, and in this way Dylan (and Ron) have spent their whole lives deep mapping their home towns.  By letting us into their homes, they are also letting us see and experience a part of their region and culture that would not normally be as visible to outsiders, but it is just as important to the culture and identity of a place.  When Dylan played guitar for us, the sound filled the volume of his basement and made me feel completely immersed in the sound and experience of Tulsa.