Wow oh wow was Tulsa, OK cool. I would have never guessed I would love it so much. Not only did they have the best candy and chocolate stores I've ever been to, but the art and the people, were magnificent as well. Artisans and tradespeople were on every corner; making pottery, jewelry, poetry, street art, music, glassblowing, etc. There was no end to the creativity. Also, there was a train running right through town, and I really love trains. In the reading, Common Places: Readings in American Vernacular Architecture, the authors discuss how, 'Many vernacular cultures exist in some relationship to a larger, or dominant culture". Tulsa was sprinkled with this culture, from the Day of the Dead murals to the various galleries featuring art discussing immigration and our nation's current political state; a unique mix of southern culture and various ethnic identities. I was sad to leave, but I am very glad we came. I don't think that was the last I will see of Tulsa, OK.