Can you figure out this pun? It took me an embarrassing amount of time, but with the help of Rhonda, the store owner, I finally got it. She had these comical visual puns throughout her coffee shop/ art store/ gallery/ antique market, called 'Possumbilities' in Lucas, KS. My favorite was a cooking pot hung up with rope high in the rafters; aka hypotenuse. In speaking with Rhonda, I learned how much she, and many of the folk of Lucas, KS viewed creativity. She explained the need for eccentricity and how a life devoid of it is not much of a life at all. What I found striking about this town and it's countless, stunning, and local artworks, is that they simply were. They made art for themselves and for each other, rather than as a ploy for tourism and/or capitalism. Lucas, KS stripped art and creation back to their cores in a wonderfully ridiculous manner.