My experience of Lucas was the most mysterious and dramatic one I had in the field school by now. Lucas is a town with a living population of around 400 but a cemetery that has over 1500 graves in it!

We stayed in a motel which used to be a nursing home placed between two churches and close to a grave yard. The motel was also close to a water tower and a dark road which I only saw one car pass the entire time I was there. This place to me was the liminal zone, where I experienced everything in the most dramatic way, the light and dark, sound and silence, the life and also death and many more. this place distorted my perception of time and space. Lucas is a place I can never forget yet I do not remember completely either. 

This is a great quote from Susan Naramore Maher that resonates with me and my experiences, specifically tonight in Lucas. "Place is the accumulation of all the things that people have done on that spot, a place involves the meanings that humans have taken from an area and from what happened there, the perceptions and emotions of individuals responding to their surroundings and to events." 

In attach is a screen shot from a footage when the lightening strike