Today I thought a lot about geometry.  Geometry is the first truly visual math subject most people learn. Problems can be solved and propositions can be proved and verified entirely through pictures.  These are some of the reasons I love geometry, but it was incredible to see how important geometry is to the San Luis Valley.  Farming and prosperity depend so much on the type of watering system and the shape of the plot each system supports.  The radial sprinklers make circular fields, while the fields watered by flood irrigation need to be long, rectangular, and adjacent to the irrigation ditch.  Even the crates that the potatoes are stored in were made of an intricate complex array of lines creating an amazing pattern. The solar field was a visual overload of shapes, geometry, repetition, and pattern.  The placement and angle of each solar panel were crucial to its functionality.  The UFO watchtower was a hemisphere to best look for extraterrestrial sightings.  The garden was symmetrical based off the two overlapping vortexes.  I am always visually drawn to geometry, and I loved seeing where and how it contributes to rural life in the San Luis Valley.