Almost everyone loves a good antique store. A pretend step back in time; watching the present become the past. I see magazines and CD players in antique stores, objects only 10 to 20 years past their prime, yet we still feel this odd need to save it all. It's like we see ourselves in these objects, and if these object loose value and die off, so do we. So we keep them and we worship them in these cluttered graveyards of human existence. But oh well, there is no shame in nostalgia. It may be good to look our mortality in the face and giggle over how creepy these old dolls are, irregardless of how loved they once were by our mothers and grandmothers. Or to revile over the complexities and genius of a type writer. Or to wonder about the person who's name is scribbled in the front of a dusty book. 

Anyways, ignore my existential rambling. This picture is of a grumpy, but very cute, pup who spends his days with his owner, Mark Allison, in the Golden Fleece Antiques store in Del Norte, CO.