We had an hour to walk around Del Norte today. I spent most of my time in a great antique shop owned by Mark. The shop was filled with so many amazing antiques, and Mark showed us the apartment upstairs. The building was old with tall ceilings. The apartment was decorated sparsely with immense and intricate antiques. I couldn’t help but thinking that this whole town felt like it was from a different era. There were old cars, old buildings, and every shop felt like it could have existed in the 1960s. Sometimes I can’t tell if small towns like Del Norte are actively cultivating this ancient feel, or it is a product of something else.  Mark said he opened an antique shop because tourism was a good way to make money, the pharmacy put up old signs and cash registers, and many of the building facades look like they belong in an old western.  Leisurely walking in and out of shops in a small town makes me feel like I am in a simpler time and place, but is that because this actually is a simpler time and place, or because it is designed to feel that way.