M A N C A M P S!

They're impossible to miss as you drive through the Bakken formation toward Williston, ND. Designed to house the thousands of eager oil field workers flooding the area in search of jobs and wealth the man camps have a presence on the landscape. Many of them built by oil companies and their contractors are made from shipping containers that have been outfitted with amenities for the many single men giving the oil thing a go. Referred to as "crew camps", rows and rows of these buildings, often resembling military barracks can be seen all along the highways that run in and out of Williston. Some of these camps are designed and implemented by the men that work or had worked in the fields and are the most interesting as far as being great examples of ingenuity and working with what they have. Often cobbled together with bits of styrofoam, sun beat plywood, and knotted webs of tarps and tarp straps, these structures are beautiful and strange, an example of the flavor of this space. All the camps have positive and negative impacts on the community and environment in the area and are a very unique landscape to view.

Here are some articles about the positive and negative impact these places have on the community, economy and environment... Man camp!