Connecting with the Landscape

The Enchanted Highway, a 20 mile stretch of highway punctuated every three miles with gigantic steel sculptures was conceived of and executed by one man, Gary Greff. Despite opposition from nearly every one of Regent, North Dakota's one hundred and sixty residents, Mr. Greff has managed to construct a majority of his sculpture project while concurrently opening and running a gift shop and medieval castle themed hotel to fund the project. This project is made possible by Greff's indomitable drive and sunny attitude, but, in part due to the fact that it was created in a sparsely populated area. As one moves down the Enchanted Highway, the landscape of the place where these sculptures sit, relatively flat farmland, makes them seem to shift scale from microscopic to massive. Standing at the center of "Fisherman's Dream" really was enchanting; it's easy to enjoy anything that is done so enthusiastically. Both the sculptures and the surrounding farmland were planned and created out of an honest need, in hopes of sharing, surviving, and creating something from very little. In the end these aren't amazing concepts or execution, its the scale that's impressive, the tangibility of the work and drive of the artist - his willingness to put every hour and penny he has into its construction. The artist's honesty and intention were strong enough to both stand apart from, and connect to, the surrounding landscape.