Joseph Pintz - artist and ceramicist inspired by the rural

I was flipping through an old sketchbook and came across an artist, who I thought I would share with you. I never quite appreciated his work, but after the field school, I have a deeper understanding. The lesson I have learned: Embrace where you are and where you come from. Joseph Pintz grew up in the midwest picking seasonal fruits and canning with his family. The rural environment and his upbringing has influenced his work. One example would be his "Cultivate" exhibition held at the University of Nebraska - Omaha.


His ceramic work is also evidently influenced. Many of his pieces are glazed in a manner, which alludes to peeling weathered paint. Paint like we saw at the site that we stopped and photographed our last day of the trip (right photo is taken by me at the site). The function of the pieces themselves allude to a simpler way of life.



Check out his website for more: [embed][/embed]