Today I was watching the cows get their hooves trimmed. The second cow was an interesting demonstration of anarchy through force. It was striking to watch something that is ordinarily considered to be so domestic, tame, and controlled resist with such force that it seems as though it could tear everything apart. Upon reflection of my marvel at the event, I postulate that physical anarchy, that kind that is marvelous and awing, is rather absent in contemporary city / suburban life. Dramatic car accidents or natural disasters, perhaps, are the closest one gets to physical anarchy. Otherwise, materiality is so strictly controlled by means that are primarily political and abstract. Anarchy that occurs is no longer in the material world, but in the symbolic world of language, paper, and the digital. This results in anarchy that cannot be sensory experience, only intellectually understood. The material results of anarchy today are unfinished buildings and never-ending court proceedings.